Blue Ribbon Driving School offers both California driver education online and driver training. We offer online education at a reasonable price. You can take this course anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

Upon completion of the online driver education course, you will receive the education certificate in the mail. This certificate allows you to take the California DMV permit test. If you completed online already, Blue Ribbon can enroll you in our driver-training program. The 6-hours of behind-the-wheel training satisfies the requirement for the California DMV license test. Blue Ribbon does offer a package for both online education plus driver training. With this package you will receive all necessary DMV certificates for permit and license. After receiving your permit, call Blue Ribbon if you are in Santa Clara County to schedule your behind-the-wheel training.

  • Our course is accepted anywhere in California.
  • The course is detailed, easy to use, and self paced.
  • Students can access the course anytime, anywhere, at their convenience.
  • The Online Education is divided into 15 sections.
  • The 30 question final exam must be passed with a score of 80%. Most students pass on their first attempt.
  • Upon completion, the Driver Education Certificate will be mailed immediately.
  • Students who live in Santa Clara County can enroll in our “ Behind-the-Wheel Training with Free Driver Education.” Students outside of our county will need to locate a school in their area.
  • Combo package that includes all necessary DMV certificates to get permit and license.
  • Free Online Driver Education
  • 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training
  • See our other programs for everything that is included in this package.
  • Most driving schools do not offer this type of program
  • The Online Education Certificate will be mailed upon completion of the online program.
  • bullet The Behind-the-Wheel Completion Certificate will be given to students after 3rd lesson.
  • The course consists of 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training. The driving is broken up into three 2-hour lessons.
  • Students will receive one-on-one training.
  • We drive 7-days a week with free pick-up and drop-off.
  • Students will receive a parent summary form after each lesson.
  • The first lesson consists of orientation of vehicle, rules of the road, turning, braking, and parking. We start in residential streets and when ready practice city driving.
  • The second lesson builds on the first lesson and includes sharing the road, blind spots, high density traffic, and freeway driving.
  • The third lesson prepares students for the DMV driving test. We familiarize the students with what to expect and how to successfully pass the driving test. Students will receive the Behind-the-Wheel Completion Certificate on this lesson.
  • Students can enroll in this program online or by calling our support staff.

Are you nervous driver? We have the patience to teach you. Blue Ribbon Driving School instructors will make your experience as safe and comfortable as possible. We offer new dual controlled cars. We have commercial insurance coverage to ease your driving fears. Your lessons will be one-on-one and we pick-up and drop-off for free.

At Blue Ribbon Driving School, we teach the beginner to the mature driver. Our instructors have many years of experience to reach your driving goals. All instructors are licensed and background checked with the California DMV.

For Adults we offer:

  • 2-hour lessons
  • One-on-one lessons
  • Free pick-up and Drop-off
  • Use of car for DMV test
  • Lessons 7-days a week
  • No contracts
  • Pay after each lesson
  • Patient, experienced instructors
  • Serving Santa Clara County

Please contact us today for our reasonable prices.

California DMV Permit Requirements:
  1. Must be at least 151/2 years of age
  2. Completion of Driver Education
  3. Complete the DMV application (DL44)
  4. An original or certified copy of U.S. birth certificate or passport
  5. Provide your social security number
  6. Pass an eye exam
California DMV License Requirements:
  1. You must be 16 years old
  2. Hold your permit for at least 6 months
  3. Complete 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training
  4. Practice 50 hours with a California licensed driver 25 years or older
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